BIG NEWS: Unwrapping the Spirit of Christmas with the 2023 RumX Advent Calendar! 🎄

Dear RumX Community,

As the festive season approaches, the RumX moderator team is thrilled to unveil the latest installment of our eagerly anticipated RumX Advent Calendar! Fueled by the spirit of discovery and our love for the finest spirits, we have meticulously curated a collection that promises to enchant your palate.

This year, we’re celebrating the essence of ‘price-to-quality’—handpicking 26 exceptional rums from a diverse pool of over 150 bottles. Our selection spans from affordably priced evergreens and hidden gems to some unexpected surprises that we can’t wait for you to experience. :star2:

Maintaining our cherished tradition, the calendar is designed to be a blind tasting odyssey. Each day leading up to Christmas will see the launch of a new discussion thread on our forum. Share your hunches and engage in spirited debate, all while the day’s rum remains a mystery until 9 p.m., when all will be revealed. This ritual begins with our special prelude sample on November 30 and culminates with the bonus sample on December 25.

Each sample bottle comes equipped with a QR code, zipping you directly to the rum’s forum discussion. If patience isn’t your virtue and curiosity gets the better of you, our forum moderators stand ready to provide a list of all the calendar rums upon request.

Echoing last year’s sentiment, we’ve again bypassed any markup, offering the calendar at the cost price of 145 EUR plus shipping (EU only). It’s our way of giving back to this wonderful community that shares our passion for rum. “From the community, for the community” is not just our motto; it’s our commitment to you.

Attention, devoted RumXers! This year, we introduce a special pre-sale for our most active community members. The Lounge will open its doors for a pre-sale event on:
:date: Sunday, 05.11.2023 at 9 pm CET
Here, the 10 quickest members will have the chance to secure their calendars ahead of time (Invite only).

Fear not, we have more joy to spread. The remaining 18 calendars will go on public sale in the forum on:
:date: Monday, 06.11.2023 at 9 pm CET
Remember, it’s a race against time - first come, first served!

Ready to reserve your spot on this festive flavor expedition? Get set for the order thread opening:
:date: Pre-sale in the Lounge: Sunday, 05.11.2023
:date: Public sale: Monday, 06.11.2023
:link: Grab Your 2023 RumX Advent Calendar Here

Let’s raise our glasses to a December filled with exceptional rums, lively discussions, and the warmth of our community.

Cheers to joyous tastings,

Your RumX Calendar Team
Adrian, Chris, Jakob, Michael, Oliver :santa:t3::tumbler_glass:


Click here for the pre-order thread:

The thread will be created automatically on Sunday at 9 pm for the most active community members and on Monday at 9 pm for the public. First come first serve for the 10 fastest lounge members. :sunglasses::four_leaf_clover:


Who’s already buzzing with anticipation for the RumX Advent Calendar 2023 edition? What was your highlight in the 2022 calendar? Share your excitement below! :christmas_tree::tumbler_glass::sparkles:


I’m a new member, really looking forward to this calendar ! Hope to get my hands on one ! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


For all those who missed the calendar last year, here is a short review. :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:


Exciting news! Last years calendar still makes up four of my top ten rums :smiling_face:


I will try to be a part of it.


Smells like rum spirit :fire:


What is the cl of each tasting and how much would postage be to the UK?

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the sample bottles are 2cl. As to my knowledge, shipping to UK might be rather cumbersome. Goods containing alcohol, are subject to customs and VAT (regardless of their value), and many carriers do officially not enable shipping of alcohol to third countries. For these reasons, we have actually not considered shipping to the UK.


Ok thanks

But shipping to franconia would be possible so count me in :wink:

O.k. only try, hope that works :rofl:


Finaly the real Xmas are here! :slight_smile:


So i can assume australia is out of bounds as well? No problems, im just double checking


Located in California, am I eligible considering international shipping?


Been part of it two years in a row and each time it was a new highlight in my rum journey. This year I won’t try to obtain a calendar and give someone else a chance to get one.

I’m currently going trough an alcohol free period. It started on 23 Oktober, with an exception for 16-17-18 November, but then lasting until approximately halfway December.

It would be a shame to take part only for the samples but not participate in the blind tasting quiz each night.

To all of you who will be part of it: enjoy it and please, participate in the full experience.

Cheers :tumbler_glass:


Thank you for your request regarding shipping outside the EU. For this calendar, it is unfortunately too short notice to find a clean solution here and ensure that you receive the calendars on time to participate in the blind tasting game. But we are looking into shipping outside the EU for the next calendar and will keep you updated. :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:


Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.:man_shrugging:

The page will be activated automatically tomorrow at 9 pm. Tonight, the most active users of the forum had exclusive advance access to the calendar.


Ooops, that was fast.
I was updating the page for 5 mins and then I just saw - “Closed 6 mins ago”

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