Blog: RumX Monthly Report: April 2023

What were the hottest new rum releases in the past month? Which rums received the highest scores from our community? And where did most of the tasting take place? We are back with our Monthly Recap and will give you the key stats on what happened in the RumX world in April 2023.

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What will be your rum summer highlights in 2023? :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:


great review - like always - by @Oliver and @Jakob. Thanks a lot for your effort! It doesn‘t need a crystal ball to imagine that the May review will see some really ‚fine drams‘ :wink:


Thanks a lot @mto75! Indeed, looks like May might see a strong presence of some fine drams :wink:… my first impressions of these releases were really promising - will crosstaste them shortly with some of the other EMB and NY representatives of the respective vintages and then add my reviews as well. To me these bottlings are some really pleasant surprises in the rum year 2023 so far, both quality and price-wise.