Blog: RumX Monthly Report: December 2022

What were the hottest new rum releases in the past month? Which rums received the highest scores from our community? And where did most of the tasting take place? We are back with our Monthly Recap and will give you the key stats on what happened in the RumX world in December 2022!

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What were your personal highlights of the rum year 2022 - be it releases, tastings or get-togethers?

And what surprised you the most - in a positive or negative way?


As always a very well written Blog. Always looking forward to read the remarks & stats.

One little suggestion for upcoming publications. Wouldn’t it be worth mentioning the latest changes / additions to the app? I’m not sure if people really carefully read change logs. Would be worth adding the latest changes / highlights / additions in a monthly wrap up.


Thanks for your feedback, @NH43!

A more detailed recap format is already being planned. :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:


thanks again @Oliver and @Jakob ! it is interesting to see, how rum calendars have influenced the December rating :wink: Already looking forward to reading the annual review!


I’m keen to see what impact the dry January and the lack of any promotion like the Colors of Rum competition will have on the amount of tastings in January


I think December is - in many points of view - an exceptional month. I am very curious about the comparison with November, where the influence of Dry January can be observed well. :female_detective:

Just in time for the end of Dry January and to celebrate the 100,000th rating ( :exploding_head: :exploding_head: ), we have planned an amazing campaign for February. More about this in the coming days… :star_struck::tumbler_glass: