Blog: RumX Monthly Report: February 2023

What were the hottest new rum releases in the past month? Which rums received the highest scores from our community? And where did most of the tasting take place? We are back with our Monthly Recap and will give you the key stats on what happened in the RumX world in February 2023.

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Calling all rum enthusiasts!

Are you curious about which rums were the most popular last month? Our community of knowledgeable and passionate rum lovers have once again shared their tasting impressions and reviews, providing valuable insights into the latest trends in the world of high-quality rum.

We’ve compiled a list of the most tasted and purchased rums of the month, as well as the top locations where tastings were shared. Whether you’re a seasoned rum aficionado or just starting to explore the world of rum, our monthly recap offer something for everyone. :palm_tree: :tumbler_glass:


What were your rum highlights in February? :heart_eyes::tumbler_glass:

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Savanna (RX9788) with it’s fruity and fresh profile.
RA TDL (RX7783) with it’s fruity profile with added workshop notes.
Mhoba (RX13449) which once rested is really nice,
Blackadder Saint Lucia Distillers (RX1462) with it’s intense fruity and floral profile.

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