Blog: RumX Monthly Report: January 2023

What were the hottest new rum releases in the past month? Which rums received the highest scores from our community? And where did most of the tasting take place? We are back with our Monthly Recap and will give you the key stats on what happened in the RumX world in January 2023.

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What are your hopes, wishes and most anticipated releases, events or otherwise rum-related happenings in 2023? And: Is there anything you would like to see in our monthly recaps besides the current content?


it‘s absolutely stunning how much tasting numbers have soared in the year-on-year comparison: Jan 22: 3.2k, Jan 23: 7k! But I don‘t get the high number of 1423 christmas calendar rum tastings, though. Maybe some leftover calendars that sold at discount :sweat_smile:

One comment: I would really love to see some more stats on the geographic side. I have the impression that the app has gained quite some popularity by overseas users (particularly from US)


Yes, Oliver, can we have a geographical overwiew (or even dynamic chart) of users, please? :pray: Would not only be interesting, but maybe also helpful for swapping or buying specific bottles in other countries or even on other continents. :wink:


Here is a little sneak peak of the current distribution of app users (last 30 days). We’ll take a look at how we can include more community stats like this in the charts in the upcoming recaps. :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:

  1. France (34%)
  2. Germany (19%)
  3. Belgium (8%)
  4. USA (6%)
  5. Denmark (5%)

That’s why there have been so many La Favorite bottles added. Only Frenchmen collect that stuff… :sweat_smile: