Blog: RumX Monthly Report: June 2023

What were the hottest new rum releases in the past month? Which rums received the highest scores from our community? And where did most of the tasting take place? We are back with our Monthly Recap and will give you the key stats on what happened in the RumX world in June 2023.

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With the close of June, we’ve also passed the first half of the year. This milestone gives us a good reason to reflect on what’s happened in 2023 so far - what have been your highlights of the rum year in 2023 to this point?


My personal highlight was actually discovering RumX and the community. The conversations are inspiring and interesting, even if you sometimes disagree. Thank you @Oliver for that and thank you to all the members.

My rum highlight in the first half of the year was definitely the Rhum J.M La Dame Jeanne No. 1, which for me personally is unparalleled in taste. The gorgeous presentation rounds out the enjoyment for me. I hope that we will see a No. 2 in the not too distant future.


Working for the triple


As said: Franconian Rum Powerhouse - impressive community spirit!


The Highlight for me is the Community RumX. If you need help or searching for a Bottle, there is everytime someone that will help you out or give his/her bottle or a sample without profit to you.
But a special thanx @Serge @DomM @Jarek @Mariano56 @Flo1977 for the great meetings and tastings together.
That’s great and funny time with you to spend together

Sorry for this bad english, but after the meeting today i have a littlebit “Schlagseite” :blush:


I have to agree with @zabo about the help and advice you can get in the RumX forum and of course the meeting in Berlin. This year far more of you rummies got a face attached to their profile in my memory, unfortunately my ability to put names on faces is pretty poor so I hope we meet again next year :blush:

Living in Denmark makes it a bit troublesome, read expensive, to participate in your wonderful splits. But fortunately the community is growing here too, so who knows what the future brings.

If any of you guys need stuff from Denmark or Sweden I may be able to help with most of it and please just let me know :blush:

A special thanks to @Rodolphe for helping source a Raconteur to the local rumclub for a sampling evening in the good end :blush:

Also a big shout out to @Oliver for updating an maintaing the RumX app and the forum.


@KevinDK It’s no problem for me to give you a regular place in each of my splits. and from other people with whom I am involved in the splits, have the things sent to me first. if a larger number has come together, i will send you a heavy transport to Kolding.
:truck: :articulated_lorry:


Niiiice :tumbler_glass::heart:


Yes, it is great to find rum friends int the „neighborhood“ I really enjoy our Franconian Rum Tasting Gang meetings!
The only thing I still need to be 110% happy is a good rum store in Nürnberg/Erlangen/Fürth :wink: