Blog: What's new? Follow your friends!

Over the past weeks, we have evaluated the incredible amount of feedback from the last RumX survey, aggregated it and poured it into a roadmap. Once again, a big thank you to all of you who participated and are actively shaping the future of RumX - you’re awesome!

We were so motivated by your great feedback that we got straight to work and have already implemented some of the most requested features. Are you excited about what’s new? In the coming articles, we will introduce you to the innovations in detail. Let’s start with the most requested feature: Follow your friends.

Read the full article on our blog:


What do you think about the new feature? Do you already have some suggestions for improvement? We appreciate any feedback so that we can make the app a little bit better for you every day!


As I wrote before, I’m super happy, that the new feature is finally here. The uncurated timeline wasn’t handleable for me, because all the interesting tasting notes were buried under loads of uncommented sweet rum scores.

Although I wanted an alternative to the uncurated for-all timeline, I believe that the for-all timeline is now hard to find. If I want to discover new users to follow, I actively need to decide to go to the old timeline. I’m not sure which one should be the default, but I’d appreciate it if the for-all timeline was more easily accessible.

And perhaps it would be nice to make it easier to navigate through the timeline with additional filters and/or additional logic types as the “Follow a Rum”-Feature that was already requested. Filters like: Search for Users, Countries, IBs


Hey Lukas,
thanks for your feedback!

We have discussed internally for a while if the new friends feed or the global feed is the default. Because the global feed is getting more and more crowded due to the increasing number of users, we decided to go for the personal version.

But we are open for changes. Just try out the new approach and give us your long-term feedback :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:.

However, the global feed is not far away at all. Either you click on “More tastings” as soon as you have seen all new friends tastings (“You are up to date” hint) or you open the menu and click on “Latest tastings”:

Filtering the (global) feed is on our todo list. :sunglasses::pray:t3:

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