Book “Appleton Estate: a history”

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This came across my timeline and I thought it might be interesting for the community. Not the biggest Appleton fan myself, but I can imagine that some of you guys (and girls) would be excited about this.


It doesn’t become clear from the website whether they ship the book. Does anyone know?


Richard Blesgraaf from Zeewijck has posted about it in DutchRumClub on Facebook: he’s taking orders for a collective shipment to the Netherlands. Maybe worth a shot to contact him?

Robert Polo could be a possibility as well: an American living in CZ and a representative for Appleton (also the guy behind Warehouse1).


I have the Kindle eBook that is the 2022 predecessor to the Appleton book. (Search “Appleton Estate” in the Kindle atore.)

For readers interested in rum making and the inside scoop on things like the Dagger rums, the eBook doesn’t provide anything remotely of note. Likewise, the entire history of the company between 1970 and 2012 is skipped over in a headlong rush to get to a lengthy description of the Joy Spence experience.

The authors are not rum-focused people, and that’s OK, but… know what you’re getting into.

It does appear that the Appleton team added some additional marketing-centric material to the book they launched, e.g., “Prince Charles receives a commemorative bottle,” and better images. But not having seen it yet, I wonder how many gaps they filled with material of high interest to enthusiasts like us.



Thanks for detailed description… I was kind of expecting this, however it seems it’s still a good idea to have one on the shelf. Marketing is also something we learn from. It’s a pity they didn’t provide more details.

Appleton is a brand that I have mixed feelings towards. On the one hand they produce decdent rums, on the other, their marketing techniques always make me imagine their rum is poor and they need to bolster sales with heavy and cheap advertizing. Like putting a separate certificate to their every 21yo box, stating milion times how rare it is. Simultaneously the outrun of these rum is so big every year that we can not speak about rarity. ANd yet, they don’t go for the cheapest pactices. Their age statements always reflect the youngest rum in blend, for instance.

Can’t stand so many hype words in one sentence “this ultimate luxury rum is a rare product” :rofl:


Any information about the possibility to buy the book in UE?


Try contacting Zeewijck in NL


In the meantime, did anyone get the book?