Books on rum - any recommendations?

One the one hand we have online ressources like blogs and RumX, on the other hand good old paper never goes out of fashion. Competent books on rum are rare, so here is my list.

Rum by Dave Broom
A coffee table classic from the early 2000s when rum was mainly an issue for boozeheads and a visionary geek from Genua. It is a beautiful book including a lot of nice pictures. Production and rum producing countries are described on a level interesting for the beginner. Tasting notes are also included but most of the bottles are completely outdated. Anyway, this chapter is an interesting glimpse in the rum world of the year 2000.
At the end it is a beautiful book.

Atlas du rhum: Distilleries des Caraibes et dégustation by Luca Gargano
This book in French gives an overview on rum producing islands in the Caribbean and information on each distillery. Each distillery? No! Caroni is mentioned only in one sentence and as the subtitle says (“Caribbean”) mainland isn’t covered. So, the second disappointment is the complete absence of Guyana.
At the end lot of information and facts on countries, distilleries, and the respective history in French. Two significant disappointments included.

The Curious Bartender’s Rum Revolution by Tristan Stephenson
Similar as the book of Dave Broom it shows structured information on history, production, rum producing countries and decent information on major distilleries as well. The last chapter displays classic rum cocktails. Forget about the tasting notes. Anyway, the book has a lot of nice pictures, but many of them are small and the layout is tightly packed. The later aiming for low production costs.
At the end an informative book also for the becoming rumnerd. It includes a lot of pictures and is cheap (approx. 16€). So, this is the rum book to buy.

Rum – Rhum – Ron by Pacal Kählin and Sina Bühler
This small compendium displays many beautiful black & white pictures. Level on information is low, it is mainly short tasting notes covering the 2015 menu of a Zürich based bar and and the text of Lord Invaders legendary calypso “Rum and Coca-Cola”.

I also saw some other compendiums but none of those stimulated my inner bibliomaniac.

Do you have any more recommendations?

I have Smugglers Cove, which helped me find my bearings in the Rum World
It it more about Tiki and Cocktails, but has a nice category overview about what types of Rum exist. I also love the recipes.

I really don’t like books full of tasting notes, as this tends to force me to look for the experience described myself, which I often fail.

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Smuggler’s Cove:
Gave me a good Idea about Tiki Culture and the cocktail-side of Rum in general.

And A Bottle of Rum (Curtis Wayne):
Really nice historic overview about the rise of popularity of Rum throughout the history since colonization. But I do enjoy historic Books, so its probably not everybodys taste. But nonetheless the most informative Book i have read so far about spirits and their origin/history.

And one more “general” book on Spirits, but I only read it in german language (original is in english though, so there will be a english version aswell):
Stewart’s Botanisches Barbuch (Amy Stewart ):
Really nice overview over any fruit you can distill and make spirits of. So basically a listing of different spirits around the world and their botanical counterpart. Mixed up with really nice cocktail recipes and little sidestorys. I do like the scientific, biological touch of the book as it doesnt come from the classic “barkeeper”-author…


Thanks @Leo! I enjoy reading historic books too, “And a Bottle of Rum” is ordered.

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I have the book by Pascal Kählin, too, and the Rum book by Dave Broom ‚the manual‘ (which I understand is somewhat different from the larger coffee table book). I have to admit that neither is fully to my liking. They are either more about mixing (which rum fits best for which cocktail), or provide only basic overviews about distilleries. To this end, I am really looking forward to seeing the Caroni book by ‚Stefano Caroni’. Hopefully it will be finalised this year (or at least next year :wink:).

I guess most of you know this already, but I truly enjoyed reading the essay by the lone caner on his blog about the rise of the rum connoisseur culture. He very precisely describes the main contributors to today‘s more sophisticated rum scene (the ministry of rum, the El Dorado‘s longer aged standard range, the initial unsuccessful trials by Luca Gargano, the quantum leap that came with the Damoiseau 1980…).


It seems like it is close to printing and from what I’ve heard two weeks ago it will be available from may on.

Speaking about Tiki books, there is no way around Minimalist Tiki by the one and only Cocktail Wonk. The rum component is really strong since half of the book is theory of ingredients and a large chapter on different styles of rum (as expected when you hear Cocktail Wonk). The recipies are contributed by tiki bars all around the world and the focus is on keeping the drinks as original as possible which is why most of the ingredients are named with the brand and release name used in the bar so you can recreate it as intended.


I have a question regarding the Caroni book. Do you know if it will be easily available via normal book ordering chanels? Or will it be self published and you need a private network to source it? :open_book: :open_book: :open_book:

So basically, will it be released like a Caroni, where you need back channels, win a ballot, or buy from shady people in dark alleys… or will it be released like a book? In a store. Maybe even Amazon?

I guess the fact that it has Caroni in it’s name is already fostering a certain expectation of (bad) availability :joy:

sorry for not contributing to the actual question


I completely agree. The Age of Veliers Demeraras is one of the best reads for the experienced rumlover!!

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We have a cooperation with Sven Mayer and will handle a pre-order through RumX. I’ll be in touch with details soon. :blush::pray:t3:


@Oliver. Now I’m relaxing. Thanks!

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if you are interested in the Caroni book‘s state of play, you can also follow him on FB

ich melde mich vorsichtshalber hiermit schon mal für ein oder zwei bücher an

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@Oliver da der Buchdruck ja scheinbar gut voranschreitet, gibt es schon Details zur Vorbestellung? So wie ich das verstehe, wird das ein ziemlich stattliches table book, im zweiteiligen Schuber :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow, für uns dann das Alte und Neue Testament.


#Minimalist Tiki:
Kennt vielleicht jemand von euch (gar inländische) Bezugsquellen (abseits von US/Dänemark)?
Ich glaube, vor ein, zwei Jahren (?) gab es einmal in irgendeinem Forum eine Sammelbestellung. Leider hatte ich die “verpasst”…

Ich habe meine Ausgabe bei bestellt. Gerade haben die aber keine Exemplare da. Hab das da zweimal gesehen. Einmal erste Auflage, einmal zweite Auflage. War aber trotzdem absurd teuer, weil 45€ zzgl. Versand aus NL. Hat sich aber gelohnt, ist ein super Buch.


Durch die Partnerschaft mit Steffen (u.a. ist bei jeder Abfüllung ein QR-Code abgebildet, der euch direkt zur entsprechenden Detail-Seite in der RumX-App führen wird) werden wir die Subskription des Buchs durchführen. Ende April werdet ihr euch dann exklusiv über die App ein Exemplar dieser epischen Caroni-Bibel vorab zum reduzierten Vorbestellerpreis sichern können, bevor das Buch offiziell in den Handel kommt. Details folgen dann in den nächsten Wochen. :slight_smile: :raised_hands:

Soviel kann ich schon verraten: Das Buch wird der HAMMER! :exploding_head:


MUST HAVE caroni bible :star_struck: :closed_book: :tumbler_glass:


Is there also some information available for those without a Zuckerberg account? That video looks promising, but can’t access it on his page.