Bottle splits: How To


How do I participate in a bottle split?

The organizer of the bottle split provides the general conditions and terms of the split in the first post. Here, in addition to the price, the shared quantity and possible sample sizes are specified.

If you want to take part in the split you can reply directly in the thread and tell the quantity you want (e.g. “I would like to take 5cl”). If the split is successful then the organizer of the bottle split will contact you in a private message and arrange the further procedure. Here you will agree on the method of payment (advance payment, PayPal, …) and exchange addresses.

How do I organize a bottle split?

If you want to split a bottle with the community you have to get the necessary materials like sample bottles and packaging material in advance. Then find the rum you want to share on the RumX website (Search | RumX) and copy the link of the rum (e.g. Habitation Velier Hampden HLCF, 2010, 6 years, 68.5% | RumX).

Now create a new thread and adjust the placeholders with your data (bottle price, available quantity, …) and add the copied link to the top of the post. This way you link the thread to the RumX database and your bottle split will automatically appear in the RumX app (iOS and Android).

When enough participants have registered and you want to start the bottle split you have to close the thread by replying a post with the text “CLOSED”. If there is too little demand or you want to cancel the division for any other reason, you can answer with “CANCEL”. This way the bottle split will be closed and will no longer be displayed in the app.

Now contact the participating community members with a private message and arrange the payment and shipping of the samples.