Caroni Book - I need honest opinions

Hi there!

I’m just about to set a new saving-up goal for a small pleasure :slight_smile: . I was thinking of Steffen Meyer’s book on Caroni. However, the price is… just high and I really struggle to make decision whether it is worth the money :sweat_smile:.

I keep asking myself: is it worth 4x MCR book for example? Is it worth 15 great samples? Is it worth a 1cl of Velier’s Skeldon? :rofl: I know it is a “small batch” book and was written in four languages (which seems rather useless and random to me, to be honest) so it “has to” cost. I have even seen it on RA for a a discount price :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Book: Caroni 100% Trinidad Rum by Steffen Mayer Volume 1 & 2 | Rum Auctioneer

I know some of you own the book. I did not find any non-comercial review on the internet so I’d like to ask you to share your thoughts. I’m curious if this is a book to read or only a reference album to check out the details when you drink another Caroni bottle. And, of course, did you find it worth the money.


I also had doubts about the book and decided to buy it as Xmas present to myself. A long time after release (where I had the chance to get it cheaper).

I bought the book although I do not drink Caroni Rum. It was just for more information about „the lost world“ and more or less a history book for me. It also brings benefit for my rum-tasting to have more stories to tell….

The first part was very interesting. Cool pictures and lot of information. Not only about the spirit but about the things behind the curtain.
The second part caught me with lots of information about the independent bottlers and the bottles itself - even if I do not drink Caroni (ok…not yet).

Who needs 4 languages ? No one :slight_smile:

As a summarize I am glad to own the book.
It’s also nice to have it in the shelf to start discussions when people see it…


I am kind of in the same situation, so thinking of buying it for myself or getting it as a gift.
But I was lucky enough to already read a bit in the book on 2 occasions, since 2 of my “rum friends” own the book.

My thoughts on this topic are: If you are not sure if you can afford a book for 300€, then you shouldnt buy it. As you said, you could buy 2-3 very good bottles of rum or a large amount of very good samples for the money. (Or dont spend the money on rum in the first place and pay your rent instead or whatever).
If you can easily spend 300€ and are deciding which Caroni bottle you should get next, then I think, the book is the right thing for you.

I am also interested a lot in history and historic overviews of certain regions, which is another pro for the book. If you are not a history geek, I really cant see you spending that amount of money for a book.

So yeah, I am also still undecided :sweat_smile:


IMO the book is an encyclopedia on Caroni. The majority of information is about all the releases and bottling, so you would rather look things up then reading it.
It’s perfect somehow and an amazing job by Steffen to collect all the information. On the other side, there are no personal impressions because he has never been on the Island. I expected much more and have personally concluded that MCR is by far the better book.


Ich bin mir zum Anfang auch nicht sicher gewesen.
Sehe aber dieses Buch als einmalige Möglichkeit „alle“ Informationen über den Caroni zu erhalten.
Angefangen von der Geschichte, bis zu einer detaillierten Auflistung der Veröffentlichungen.
Brauche ich wirklich vier Sprachen?
Eher nicht. - Aber es stört nicht.
Sind die beiden Bücher 300 Euro wert?
Das muss jeder für sich entscheiden.
Es steckt viel Arbeit und hohe Qualität in den Büchern und ich bin der Meinung, dass der Preis gerechtfertigt ist.
Ich bin froh die zwei Bücher erworben zu haben und spätestens, wenn sie, die Bücher, nicht mehr verfügbar sind, bereut man ggf. seine Entscheidung sie nicht gekauft zu haben.


Hey everyone,

I’m a fan of Caroni so I bought it immediately. It’s a fantastic compilation of informations and I have it right now open on my table.
It’s a must for rum lovers. And friends always ask what is that huge book :joy:


Personally I prefer the new book modern Caribbean rum by Matt pietrek & Carrie Smith which is available through since its not only about caroni Rums. Also I don’t like about the caroni book that it’s in 2 parts and not in one book.
But that’s just my 2 cents! Happy to help.


Here is the link to the offer that Sascha and I brought to Germany in cooperation with RumX (EU-wide shipping):

Minimalist Tiki and Steffen’s Caroni Bible are also available here.
We thank you for any support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tumbler_glass:


Steffen Mayer’s book is a benchmark regarding Caroni’s history and production methods. In the second part the major share of the books covers ALL releases bottled by ANY bottler. Until release of the book of course…
Productionwise the book is on a high level, including high quality print, high quality paper and a massive slipcase. Of course this comes at a cost.
I have deep respect for Steffen to bring this project to an end!!!

My opinion: If you love Caroni and if you have a decent lifetime supply at home, the book is a must.
If not, go for another book (e.g. MCR).