Catawiki slow seller

Hi all,

Can you please give your opinion on the following case: I won a bottle of RX15237 on Catawiki and paid on April 1st (the date was a give away of the trouble to come :wink:). The bottle was not even sent yet by the seller. I opened a claim with Catawiki but so far no intervention. The seller now comes back to me saying that they have so many orders that they have a backlog. They expect to need 3 months (!) to ship my bottle. Is it just me or is that ridiculous? I paid a good price - both serious money and also relatively little for this bottle - so I would like to receive my order. It feels to me that the seller is trying to stall the process so I cancel the order (including my good price). Do you have any advice for me to speed things up? Suggestions are welcome. Thanks all!


That is bs! 3 days, sure. 3 weeks maybe. 3 months? No way!

No idea how you can “speed things up”. I would just ask for a refund and cancel the transaction.


Maybe try calling Catawiki. Once I had to wait two months for a bottle refund which was damaged on the way to me. They were waiting with refund as the Seller was apparently waiting for the bottle to get back to him so he could file a claim with DPD (for many weeks). In the end I called Catawiki customer service and only then they released the refund (just opening a claim didn’t work). Not the same situation here but maybe they can put some pressure on the Seller.


Thanks for your thoughts guys! I think I will try and call Catawiki first. I had no idea that that is possible. Already openend a ticket with them about a week ago but no reply yet. To be continued.


I had an issue with a bottle I won through Catawiki. Tried reaching out to the seller first but they did not respond. Once I involved Catawiki support, their team were super helpful in resolving the situation. Hopefully you have the same experience.