Clément Canne Bleue EAN mismatch?

New user, sorry if I’m posting this somewhere I shouldn’t or in the incorrect format.

I just got done adding my collection to the app, everything went perfectly, except the standard Clément Canne Bleue. The reason it didn’t is because both the database search and the barcode scan suggest that the “standard”, non-vintage version of this rum is the 2019 vintage, as opposed to the “Gamme Bar” (a phrase I can’t find referenced anywhere outside this site but that’s the non-vintage one, so I assume that’s what it’s meant to be). The collection numbers show the same issue: there are apparently 238 bottles of the 2019 vintage in users’ collections, but only 71 of the non-vintage? The 2020 and 2021 vintages also have similarly higher numbers, it appears that this isn’t a new issue. I would assume that the barcode scan isn’t working properly and people are being directed to the latest vintage, which creates a feedback loop.

For reference, the barcode number on the bottle of standard, non-vintage “Gamme Bar” next to me on the table is 3107460005808.

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