Dictador focuses on the bottle instead of the rum inside... again

Hi there,

While I personally like Dictador rums (the old 20 and XOs are cool everyday sippers and solid gateways, I also enjoyed one of the “best ofs” I had), I have certain feelings about their branding policy. It turns out that they are more focused on bottles than on the spirit inside. I know that Caroni released their Guyana Stocks in hand-blown and normal bottles and that the handmade is more expensive, but it’s also full proof (compare Caroni 1994 Velier 23 Year Old 100 Proof Heavy / Guyana Stock | Rum Auctioneer and Caroni 1994 Velier 23 Year Old Full Proof Heavy / Guyana Stock | Rum Auctioneer).

The first release of this kind I think was Dictador Series Wixarica, bottles ornamented by Native Indians, https://dictador.com/product/wixarika/, then they collaborated with Lalique on their Generations Dictador - An International Company With A Heart, which was improperly called “the most epensive rum in the world” by several hyping magazines. And it was running on Rum Auctioneer for high prices Dictador 1976 Generations in Lalique | Rum Auctioneer. Today I noticed the Golden Cities Dictador - An International Company With A Heart.

And the Golden Cities is what I’d like to discuss (with my oppinion also). The first read on the website is “THE MOST EXCLUSIVE SPIRIT IN HISTORY: THE FIRST ONE BILLION-DOLLAR LIMITED EDITION”. Scrolling down, we have " Each bottle is expected to have a value of millions of dollars. Once the edition reaches a billion dollars, it will be closed forever.". Not to mention the bottle is made with 999.9 gold, I think such pure gold can be easily deformed with bare hand.
My thoughts are:

  • “it will be closed forever” certainly refers to the bottle… it might be as well empty inside :slight_smile:
  • why are they giving the high price in advertizing their product? Usually shops do the opposite :slight_smile:
  • I somehow don’t like it. I mean, I respect the art part and also the ones who earn with rum investing but this particular bottle I just don’t understand. The rum is out of focus. It’s like a rum cake, the role of rum is secondary. And the diminishment of the rum role with simultaneous glorification of the high price… I know there are different oppinions about high prices of Velier Demerara rums but these spirits are at least highly-rated and occassionally drank.

Sorry if I got driven away, If I harass somehow feel free to remove the topic… otherwise I’m very curious what you guys think. Arranging a split? :laughing:


Only if I can keep the bottle :crazy_face:


But more seriously, I find this new marketing gimmick extremely ridiculous.


This is capitalism in its final stage :slight_smile:


Btw. is the cork stopper made of gold too?


I did some more reading, there is another release in a gorilla-shaped bottle and it actually sells a 100k USD with NFT (https://whitewall.art/lifestyle/dictador-blends-rum-and-nfts-with-richard-orlinski). lol we are the rum people here but I haven’t heard anyone participating in this NFT-split.