Differences between web-view and app-view

Two major differences:

  1. Database. As of writing the web-view reports 15.105 Rums, the App-DB (yes, I refreshed multiple times) reports “only” 15.079. Why is that?

  2. Rum ratings. Web-view says 1 rating (8.3) Savanna Lontan Rhum Vieux Grand Arôme, 2004, 5yr, 46% | RX9388 | RumX … the app sometimes reports the score, but doesn’t show a tasting, and sometimes doesn’t show the score. How is that possible?


I am happy to briefly discuss the differences between the website and the app:

  1. The website is a snapshot of the app and is updated once a week. Therefore, in the meantime (between the updates) there may be different information (new rums added; duplicates merged, …)… I have briefly explained the background to this approach here: Content and functionality only available on Android/iOS

  2. This temporal offset can also be found in this case. In the app, a tasting was created in the last few days, so to speak (after the last website update).

The fact that different values are displayed in the app on the rum detail page and on the “community” page is strange - this looks like a bug (or a shaky internet connection?). I just checked RX9388 for me and everything looks in sync here (2 scores with 8.2 average). Do you also experience the inconsistency without WLAN in the mobile network?


Cool, thanks for the info!

Ad 1) I think my App-DB was older than a week (19.03. or so). Refresh didn’t chage that date, however it was reported as beeing successful (green bar). Maybe it didn’t properly refresh due to bad connection (see below). In that case, I would expect some sort of error or “try again later”… not a green “you are up to date”.

Ad 2) Hm, I haven’t noticed wonky WiFi when I used it, but I would not rule it out either. Sometimes my wireless switches between networks, especially in the room I was in at the time. I checked again closer to my router and got 2 reviews with the 8.2 rating. So yeah, could have been a connection issue.