Don’t believe the hype. Dust covered gems

Some releases create a hype and they are sold out immediately.

Other releases got high praise once they were launched. But for whatever reasons they are still available at online shops without a significant rise in price since their introduction.

This thread gives credit to those gems we scroll over when looking for a bottle. We recognize them as good and still available. But maybe one day the rum is sold, and then we realize that we should have bought the bottle.

Chantal Comte Maison La Mauny La Tour De L’Or 2001

Highly praised by bloggers (90+ points at durhum and SCR) and same quality and taste profile as the Neisson 15 Batch #2. But much cheaper. The same for the 2006.

Rhum Chantal Comte Maison La Mauny La Tour De L‘Or, 2001, 14 years, 64.8% | RumX (

Rhum Chantal Comte Maison La Mauny La Tour De L‘Or, 2006, 10 years, 57.7% | RumX (

Velier Long Pond Vale Royal VWR

A beautiful, excellent, elegant Jamaican rum. Full proof, transparent, tropical aging, black bottles, Gargano touch included. Maybe the low ester count scars off potential buyers.

Velier Long Pond Vale Royal VRW, 2006, 12 years, 62.5% | RumX (

El Dorado Rare Collection Albion AN 2004

An excellent tropical aged Demerara rum. Overshadowed by its bigger brothers from the Golden Age (where you would have to pay 2000€ and much more). The same is for the equally good Enmore 1996.

Albion El Dorado Rare Collection AN, 2004, 14 years, 60.1% | RumX (

Enmore El Dorado Rare Collection EHP, 1996, 21 years, 57.2% | RumX (

Any more suggestions?


My favorites in terms of price value:

I love also the ElD rare releases, Skeldon, Albion, EHP 96 and PM97.


Den Tigershark um den Preis halte ich tatsächlich für eine unterschätzte Perle. Erstklassig ausgewogener Navy Rum.

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Dem Monymusk und Tiger Shark kann ich definitiv auch zustimmen! Das sind wirklich Top-Rums!

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