Drankenhal Broekmans Loyalty program

As mentioned in the “Available Rarities” , here the entire email (google translate) regarding the topic in subject :

Loyalty is rewarded!

Great news: as of today, you save loyalty points on our webshop broekmans.be with almost all your purchases you make with us!

With these Broekmans tokens, you will then soon be able to “unlock” your personal access to exclusives. Limited available bottles that in the past invariably ended up in the hands of investors and speculators will from now on only be purchasable with the use of loyalty points.

Do you already have a private account and have ordered from our shop before? Then your account has already been charged today with a starting balance based on all your previous purchases!

What can I do with these tokens?

At the moment, you are only saving tokens, but soon the first products will come online on our webshop that you can only obtain if you use loyalty tokens.

The number of tokens you have to use for a certain reference will vary depending on supply and demand. So there will be products for which you will need a lot of tokens, and other products for which you will need a lot less.

Why is this a fair system?

We didn’t take any chances and built a loyalty programme that we personally support and that we think is fair to the enthusiast.

It is fairer than a lottery, because with us you don’t depend on dumb luck to get those beautiful exclusive bottles into your home. It is enough to consistently shop with us to be at the front of the queue at all the exclusives. Moreover, organising a lottery is prohibited by law.

It is fair for any budget, as the number of tokens is not primarily determined by the price of the bottles. More important than the amounts you spend with us are the products you buy from us. Anyone who is a bit clever and buys the right bottles from us can quickly accumulate a lot of tokens even on a limited budget.

It’s fair for the private individual, because B2B customers active in our industry (wholesalers, liquor stores, hospitality industry, …) are excluded from the loyalty programme by default, because they trade in larger volumes due to their trading activities and could therefore unfairly accumulate tokens much faster than the private enthusiast for whom we put all this effort.

It’s fair to the aficionado, because the special and exclusive bottlings so sought after by speculators and investors usually yield little to no tokens. In other words, if you as an enthusiast buy your favourite spirits from Broekmans, you are at an undeniable advantage.

Everything at a glance

  • You need an account on our webshop to participate in the loyalty programme
  • You earn loyalty points with every private purchase on our webshop
  • Loyalty points can be used to purchase unique bottles on our webshop
  • The number of tokens to be earned as well as the number of tokens to be used is mentioned with each product
  • Tokens cannot be converted into discounts or shopping credit, and cannot be transferred to another account
  • Business customers who are professionally active in our industry cannot participate in the loyalty programme
  • Misuse of the loyalty programme can lead to permanent exclusion from this programme

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In my opinion,
it seems that the most sought-after bottles fly out, but they are left with the less attractive ones. Therefore, to boost sales of these, the latter will earn more loyalty points.
Hence the “exclusive bottlings so sought after by speculators and investors usually yield little to no tokens”


That sounds very familiar to this: