Experience with RumTrades

Hi everyone,

what do you think about RumTrades, what are your experiences? Is it safe to buy there or are there fakes too?


Fakes can be anywhere, not limited to a certain platform. So always be cautious if the offer seems too good to be true.

I havent bought at Rum Trades yet, but “know” the people behind it, so I would say its a trustworthy platform with serious business practises.


As far, never bought at Rum Trades, just sell during this current auction : they organize free pick up with UPS (not insured, at our risk), listing was correct. Rum Auctioneer did the same but they asked me minimum 800£ of value. They exist for 1,5 year and sold a lot of Caroni : if they are not good or they sell fake bottles, somebody would have seen it.