Fast forum access in the app

I like how the app looks like after update. However, visiting the forum is the reason I open the app many times during the day. Before the update the forum button was in the front screen, now it’s more hidden. I just wanted to say I preferred to be able to access the forum with one click :slight_smile:


while I access the forum separately via browser, I agree that I would have preferred if the community page was the default tab or home screen, instead of the explore tab. Is there any possibility to change or customise?

Besides, it goes without saying, that Oliver and the team have been doing a tremendous job in constantly improving the app!


In the upcoming update 14.1.5, the top forum topics will now be displayed in the discovery area at the top (as a teaser) plus a button to jump to the forum. So now the forum can be reached again with just one lick - without scrolling.

Any feedback appreciated :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:


In the new update, there are now two entry points to the forum:

  • Directly with one click via the new “Explore” area (top topics in the forum). Here the forum opens in a separate browser window (with control elements of the operating system).
  • As familiar via the tab “Community”. Here the forum is embedded within the screen (with a smaller screen and overlaying control elements for “Back” and “Open in browser”).

Which variant do you like better?

  • In a separate browser window via the discovery area
  • As embedded screen in the “Community” tab

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it is a bit iterating my previous comment, and probably not the response you want to hear, given that your aim is to strengthen the explore area, but I would have preferred the community tab being the default tab, from where I can reach friends / bottle splits / forum diectly on the top


Forum access in the explore area and separate browser seem a better overall solution. On the other hand, the top panel loads much faster than regular content so it makes accessing forum easier.