Feature Request: show price for samples

Hi there, is it possible to add the average price to the sample list, as it is in the bottle list?

Would help immensely sorting through my sample collection, and for comparison use.


Hey Marc,

great idea! I went straight to work and implemented the following improvements in the upcoming update (v10.6.7):

  • In Xtend / Samples: Display of the entered sample prices calculated down to centiliters:

  • In the rum details page: as above, as well as the approximate centiliter price based on the current market value of the bottle as a fallback (if no own price or volume was given):

Curious how you like the feature and appreciate any feedback! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


excellent addition!

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Respect! One hour from request to implementation!


It’s already live. That’s awesome. If you get a sample gifted there is obviously no price entered, but the sample still has a value…how would you handle this @Oliver ?

Edit: I think there can be an easy solution. If I go into my collection and to the sample it uses the approx sign based on the avg. market value. That´s how I would also display it in the Sample overview, better than indicating nothing if there is no purchase price.

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Thank you for your first feedback! :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:

The current implementation is as follows:
In the sample list view, the cl price is only displayed if both the sample volume and the price have been specified.
In the rum detail view the calculation is identical. However, as a fallback, the down-calculated market price is also displayed there with a preceding “≈”. If nothing is displayed there, the data basis is probably too small to calculate a market value.

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Well…first feedback in the forum to be fair ;).

Why not display the fallback solution in the sample list view? For me it feels odd to have it empty, as soon as the volume was defined and there is a market value it should be displayed with the “≈”. I clearly would prefer avg. price per cl instead of nothing displayed.


Adrian (Wahl)

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The link to your regular, valuable feedback has not passed me by, of course. Just wanted to thank the others also for the :+1:. :slight_smile:

The sample list does not (yet) show the market price based estimated value. Here I have to check first how this would affect the performance, since the market prices would have to be loaded in advance. I’ll take a look at it. :raised_hands:

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Thanks Oliver. Keen to see what the outcome will be :slight_smile: