Follow other users for a "for me" Timeline

Hi Oliver,
the users of RumX are growing and growing and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of the tasting notes of the users I’m especially interested in. (And there might also be some users who’s tasting notes I don’t want to see at all as the they only review rum I’m absolutely not interested in).

To make this possible it would be super awesome to follow individual users and create a “for me”-timeline similar to any follower-based social media app. With a tab-based UX similar to the search tabs it would be easy to switch between the private and public timeline.

Creating an algorithm that sorts the tastings in the main timeline might also be helpful (see unseen tasting notes of people I liked before, tasting notes with a lot of likes, etc. before those other tasting notes) but I guess, this is much harder to implement and I personally love my individually curated and chronological timelines in Twitter, Reddit or elsewhere.



An interesting proposal. But wouldn’t that force people to focus more on a peer group, social circle etc. and make it harder for new people (or just those outside the circle) to be recognized?