Forum within the app sometimes disappears

@Gromit21 has reported to me that the forum sometimes disappears within the app on Android. Instead of the embedded forum, only a white screen is displayed.
I tried to reproduce the problem on my Android test device - but without success.

Therefore I need your support to narrow down the problem: Does the “disappearing” forum also occur with other users? Does it always happen, frequently or rarely? On which Android devices and operating system versions does the bug occur?

I look forward to your support so that I can fix the bug quickly. :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:


Had the same problem on my android a few minutes ago. App restart resolved it.

I have an eye on it for further Information

UPDATE: had it just a few seconds ago when the app got in background due to a call


The app restart helps to solve it, temporarily, until one switches between apps again.
And ofcourse it doesn’t go back to whatever topic you were reading (or worse: replying/posting)

Used on a samsung device, android 14, OneUI 6

@Olivia are you still experiencing the issue ?


Never had this problem so far, no.

In case of a white screen, does clicking on the “…” and “Reload” help?

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No, unfortunately, clicking on the “…” and “Reload” doesn’t help
Nor does swapping to “Shopping”, Friends" or “Profile”
Nor does clicking on a notification (a new bottle split just arrived when testing)

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Just out of curiosity, does the ‘Forum’ tab use it 's own browser or does it rely on the installed chrome/firefox/… ?

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The system browser should be used in embedded mode on Android.

To get a feeling about the frequency of the bug and to narrow down the cause, I ask you to give me a short vote if you use an android device:

  • I often experience the bug
  • I rarely experience the bug
  • I have no problems
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I have very frequent app shutdowns when using the in-app forum page. Especially, when following a RX-Link to the database and when going back to the forum.


Since the lastest version i also get regulary logout from the forum. Never had this with any previous version.

I also experience the ‘restart’ of the app as Tim mentions .

Fyi, I also tried on another old Nokia smartphone with android 12 and also there I experience the ‘restart’ and the ‘black/white screen’ (lastest app)


I have the same problem as Tim. It is pretty annoying.


That’s the same issue I’m experiencing very often. Going back and forth between app and forum using links in rumx codes makes app crash almost all the times I do it.


Since today i am always logged out from the forum on my andoid device, really annoying.

Update also my iOS Device is affected :scream:


For the past couple of weeks I have problems with accessing the forum within the app on android. I have tried deleting and downloading the app again but still having problems. After I have opened the forum it freezes and the forum button doesn’t do anything I can click on bottles and friends but not forum button. As far as I am aware I have the latest version


It seems that there is no solution for this problem so far. The same here after updating android.