Foursquare plastic topped corks

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Not sure if this has been asked/discussed before, but yesterday I opened my bottle of FS 2007 vintage and I noticed this plastic topped cork:

I was pretty surprised to see this and was under the impression that all FS ECS bottles came with either wooden topped corks or screw caps for the older bottles?
I don’t think I should be worried but I could’t find information about it online.

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Interesting! Bottled 2019 so I would rule out covid related supply chain issues. I know that Chairman’s Reserve has ribbed stoppers on their 75cl US releases and smooth on the 70cl (both plastic).

Never seen this on a FS though (never looked for it either). But when you know it… this one seems to have that kind of stopper, too:

Edit: due to the complex capsule I don’t think these are fake. I think it’s just a backup solution in case the other stoppers run out


Never had that. My 2007 had the normal wodden cork. Would be interesting to know how that happend.


Sounds logical. Maybe someone in purchase department fucked up and they had to use the backup.

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Thanks for your reply!
Exactly, I would think it would be pretty hard to fake these due to the capsule.
I’m not really worried about it, nevertheless it would be nice to know what the reason behind this might be.
My OCD brain might force me to swap the stopper with a wooden one coming from my empty Doorly’s bottles though :laughing:


I think i have some FS ESC capsule if you want. There was a lot of bottlekills in the last time.