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New member so forgive me if this obvious, tried searching but didnt see anything. I have started to fill my personal ‘Collection’ on here and was hoping that it was something I could easily share with friends that I often share rums with. I don’t care if others can see but I’m not a seller/trader so really I’m just looking more for close friends to see. Is there a way to share this?


Hey Gueuze,

welcome to the RumX Community! :star_struck::tumbler_glass:

Thanks for your feedback. In fact, I have exactly such a feature already in the pipeline. In the future, you will be able to give friends (on demand) insight into your wish list and also your collection.

I am currently working on concepts, how I can implement this - especially the authorization workflow - in the best possible way. I therefore ask you for a little patience.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you are missing another feature. I’m happy about any feedback from you :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:.


Awesome, thanks. I just joined and this more a future thing if my friends join and I can just tell them to pick any rum for me to bring over.

One other thing I noticed was when I added a Richland Rum. This distillery does all their rum with sugar cane syrup, I saw cane honey as an option and figured that was the closest to syrup from the options. Not sure if that would be considered the same thing and just a terminology difference or completely different processes. Thanks


From my perspective, the two source materials can be used synonymously.

Maybe we have an expert in the community who can tell the difference?


If I remember right the syrup is evaporated (boiled) down and more concentrated than the pure sugar cane juice/honey.

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Honey cane is the third way to use sugar to obtain Rum
This process is also called sugar cane syrup

The first two are molasses or vesou (freshly crushed sugar cane juice). This “honey” comes from the sugar cane, the cane juice is extracted by grinding, it is filtered and cooked in clarifiers. The result of this cooking is placed in evaporators to continue the process of concentration in order to obtain a thick gold colored liquid that looks like honey, hence the name “Honey Cane”. According to the needs, this “honey cane” is extended with pure water and then is put to ferment with yeasts specific to each distillery before distillation.

More precision in this :
Honey is simply a juice from the first press that is gently heated and concentrated by evaporation of the water. The geographical indication “Guatemalan rum” makes its use mandatory. The syrup follows the same principle, with a shorter cooking time.

And according to Dugas :
How is cane honey made?
The honey of cane is obtained by the continuous heating of the juice of first press of cane. The duration of the heating is about 3 days. It is by a slow evaporation and a soft heating that we obtain a syrup with a content of saccharose of minimum 70%. The cane honey is diluted with water (to decrease the sugar content), then fermented before being distilled.

Why use cane honey for the conception of rums?
The interest of using cane honey in the elaboration of rums is to obtain more complex distillates than those based on molasses.

In Venezuela, Diplomático Selección de Familia is made from 90% cane honey and 10% molasses.

In Guatemala, Botran makes its rums from 100% virgin cane honey. The same goes for the Fortin distillery in Paraguay as well as the Conde de Cuba rums.

In Peru, Millonario elaborates its rums from 50% cane honey and 50% molasses.
Result: greedy, round rums with a dense and silky aromatic palette.


Thanks for the info. I’ve definitely heard cane honey used more from central/south American producers and hear the cane syrup use more in the North American side of things. That’s kind if why I wasnt sure if there was small production differences or just terminolgy differences. Of the rums I have that specifically say can syrup are the Richland Rums and the Clairin Le Rocher.

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