Giving a rum a second chance

I thought it would be a nice idea to open a new thread to post remarks about rums which should be given a second chance. :wink:

I start with RX17933, the TWJ 1978 Undisclosed Destillery.

In my first evaluation I maybe mixed the tasted resin aroma up with the aroma of wild honey. But for me it still remains a rum I like a lot in the nose but not on the palate, no change in rating. :man_shrugging:t4:
I will even give this rum a third chance: The rest of the sample I will taste when I receive the already ordered sample of the Cuba 1992 from Wu Dram Clan. Uneven fight? :wink:


I always give Rums a 2nd chance and if possible also a 3rd chance. My highest inprovements were around 10-11 points but most of the times the differences are in the 3-4 point area.


Yes, it’s almost natural when you have a bottle you just have to make a small effort, but I also try to do it with samples.

For high end rums oxidation may be an incredible improvement and my tasting abilities are not the same depending on a lot of factors. For these reasons it’s important to give rums a second (third) chance.

It can be a possible improvement for RumX to mention a retasting.