Glencairn diamond cut glasses

Does anyone know where to buy these in the EU.


Have a look at a…… Deutschland. Glencairn crystal geschliffen! :slightly_smiling_face:

Und hier:

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@Thunderbird die haben wir auch hier in Dänemark, möchte gerne de zwei anderen :slight_smile:

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The upper one is only sold by this one eBay shop and does not show a package nor does it use the word “Glencairn” anywhere but in the title, as far as I can see. It sais it’s made in Stourbridge, though.

These glasses are not Edinburgh Crystal but are produced to compliment your Edinburgh Thistle Collection

…all that leads me to believe that they’re a custom mod of the Glencairn, with little chance of finding it elsewhere.

The lower one looks like an adjusted design of the existing cut crystal Glencairn that @Thunderbird has posted. However the box shows the plain Glencairn, which is weird.

Same here:

Only the first pic shows the cut glass, all the others show the plain version. So this is either an unofficial design as well or something brand new (I lean towards the former).