Help with French translation πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

In the last survey, some users criticized the French translation of the app.

Since I unfortunately only have basic knowledge from school, I have to rely on translation tools for the most part. Is there anyone in the community who can help me improve the texts in the app?

We can also (additionally) use this thread to collect concrete suggestions for improvement for individual parts.

I appreciate any assistance and support! :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:


Yes of course I can help


I can help also. I find usually the tasting notes translations quite ok. What are some users complaining about mainly ?


Unfortunately, no specific defects were mentioned.

I think it mainly refers to the general areas of the app (button labels, titles, description texts, …). Did you notice anything negative here?

The translations of the user comments are meanwhile done with the service of DeepL, which I consider to be of much higher quality than the older implementation with Google Translate.

Thanks for your help! :relaxed::heart:

Yes, DeepL is the best as far as I know.
I will check things that could be badly translated and I come back to you.
Btw I noticed that if you notate a rum with short/medium/long final it then doesn’t appear when the rum is presented. Or I’m I wrong ?

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What I noticed is that some titles or contents are in English instead of being in French.
I didn’t noticed it as English is ok for me, but for a purist it’s another story.
I can maybe suggest some things that are not translated. But not today. We can also share the work with Rodolphe.

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That’s right. In the course of the UI redesign, this indication has disappeared from the UI. I will make it visible again in the next update. Thanks for the hint!

Oliver, where can I send the corrections for the French version. Do you have sn email I can use ? It’s too difficult on my phone.



Sure, I appreciate any feedback to :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:

I have already implemented some improvements in the upcoming update (v. 11.0.12). A big thank you goes to @cigares for the fantastic support!