How to delete a topic on android

I have added a wrong bottle. I therefore want to delete it again. It’s not possible. I don’t get a delete option. I have tried to set number of bottles to 0. Then the save option disappears.
I know it works on iPhone. Any suggestions, other than buying an iPhone? :slight_smile:


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Hello Michael,

thank you for your feedback. If you want to remove a bottle you can do that via “Edit bottle”. Click on the arrow next to your collection in the rum detail view and then on the added bottle. There you can add or change information about the bottle - or delete the whole bottle (see screenshot).

By now, the Android and iOS versions are congruent. So there is no longer a “two-tier community”. All rum lovers are equal. :heart:

I don’t get that possibility

This is the view when you want to add a new bottle. You have to click on the existing bottle in the screen before:

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Got it. Thx a lot :grinning:

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