How to? Keeping track of our rum bottles

At the start, I quickly asked myself a question in front of my beautiful Rum Nation rare casks labels… How not to throw away these beautiful labels, but without my wife saying something like: “Are you serious? Have you seen the place you take up with your full rum bottles?! Then you certainly won’t take up any more space with the empty bottles!” Of course that would not have been negotiable :grin:
By doing some research, I found a wine enthusiast who had the same problem (though not the same woman :wink: ), and he proposed a method to peel off the labels. It depends of two types of labels:

  • the paper labels that are stuck on. They simply peel off with water.
  • Adhesive labels. They are much more numerous! To take them off, it’s very simple: put the bottle in the oven for 4 to 5 minutes at 140°C. Then it comes off easily.

Then, I stuck them back on my electronic wine cellar to decorate the door.

But Adrian (thank you again!) also gave me another idea: glue them back on magnetic sheets so that I could retrieve them and reposition them according to my wishes!

In the end, it works wonderfully and it’s a great idea and so I wanted to share it if like me, you like to keep track of those wonderful bottles you’ve had!


Pics or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Of the Special Bottles I own/owned I have a picture collection on my phone. All in the same position.



The New ones on the magnetic sheets are below.

Now I have to find a way to take off those I had stuck on the electronic cellar to put them back on magnetic sheets :sweat_smile:


it looks great! and the magnetic sheets is a great idea, too! especially when space will become limited and the simpler labels may be replaced by more interesting ones…

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And me the amateur just has bags full of empty bottles in the basement… Thanks for tips… have been asking myself for a long time what to do with the empty bottles :sweat_smile::woozy_face:

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And ofc you can always use empty bottles in multiple ways.


Your lamps are more expensive than some designer pieces… :nerd_face: :tumbler_glass:


Well, for me they are designer lamps :nerd_face:


Thank you Rodolphe for the idea. I am going to start peeling off the labels for the collection. :smiley:

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