How to ? Protect your bottle label

Hi friends !

I wanted to know if you have any tips or recommendations to protect the label of your bottle AFTER you finish them ?

For my case I want to make a few empty bottle sort of daily water carafe / jug. So it need to be water proof to avoid ruining the label.

Any things to do this ?

I saw a few “wine label protector” online. Like a plastic film you can wrap your bottle with.

Thx !


The best way should definitely be to laminate the label. Unfortunately I can only find products on an industry scale and nothing you can order for your own personal use :frowning:

Parafilm would work too, but that wouldn’t look nice.


So you want to use the empty bottles as (daily use?) water bottles to put on the table? I guess the labels should withstand the occasional drop of water when spilling while serving. For cleaning thats a different story. If you plan to scrubb them with hot water or even put them in the dishwasher I have no idea how effective protection can be achieved.

For lighter use and occasional light cleaning maybe something like a clear coat of lacquer? There are probably variants that can be used on glass as well :thinking:


What about plastic spray? (
It is transparent, resists water very well, only thing is: does it stick to glass?


Dieser Klacklack von Edding hält laut Beschreibung auch auf Glas.

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ist ein schönes Wort :star_struck:


Haha tatsächlich. Das bleibt jetzt aber so! :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes indeed a few drops is no big deal for most of the case but als, yes sometime you have to wash the bottle and here is a bit problem.

I dont know this spray by Tata
but will look Thx !

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Do you want it with the label or why not remove the label? I do this often for oil or other liquids.
Easy to remove the label properly, 5 minutes in an oven at 140° or 150° and then, tear it off intact (it works almost all the times). Some labels can be removed with water, but that’s pretty rare.


Hi Rodolphe, with the label it’s best, but if it’s impossible… indeed, “removing” the label properly could be a nice option to save it and paste it on a wall or something like that maybe… nice idea ! thx

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