Introducing "RumX Plus": Support your favorite rum app ❤️

What is RumX Plus?
RumX Plus offers you a unique way to both assist in the development of your preferred rum app and access special features. Your subscription to RumX Plus not only fuels the app’s ongoing enhancement and expansion but also rewards you with distinctive privileges, including a golden badge to showcase your commitment within our community.

What’s in RumX Plus?

  1. Market price estimates: Get current market values for individual bottles or your entire rum collection. We combine auction results from platforms such as Rum Auctioneer, Rum Trades and with anonymous purchase prices from our users. This comprehensive approach helps you make informed buying or selling decisions. The inclusion of the market value estimation feature in RumX Plus is due to the meticulous and manual process I undertake monthly, personally reviewing and linking auction lots to our database, a necessary effort to maintain high-quality data.
  2. More Deals of the Day: As a Plus member, you will receive three additional daily deals tailored to your taste preferences. The more you rate and add rums to your wish list, the more personalized these deals become. You will receive a one-off discount of 5% on these offers - a benefit that you will not receive if you buy directly from our partners’ online shops.
  3. Custom rum lists: Organize and manage your rums with individual lists. Whether for tastings, additional wish lists or sales, these lists can be shared and synchronized with friends to enjoy them together. The basic “lists” such as your bottles, samples (collection) or your wish list are available without restriction.
  4. Data CSV export: Export your collection and tasting notes in CSV format so you can backup them, easily share them with others or analyze them in programs like Excel.
  5. Monthly RX points: Each month you will receive 5 RX loyalty points as part of your Plus subscription. You can redeem these points for exclusive tasting sets, RumX merchandise or participation in competitions such as Masterclasses.
  6. Golden user profile: Highlight your support with a Plus badge in the app and forum. Your profile will be marked with a golden color, symbolizing your premium membership and your commitment to the community.

Why RumX Plus?
RumX Plus was created to support the ongoing development and sustainability of the RumX app. It’s a response to the app’s evolution from a small project to a key resource for rum enthusiasts. The growth in our user base has led to increased server and infrastructure costs, including essential services like live translations. High-quality development and maintenance of the app require time and resources. Your support through RumX Plus contributes directly to covering these expenses and ensures the long-term sustainability of RumX, allowing for continued innovation and enhancement of the user experience. This initiative is crucial for keeping RumX a valuable and dynamic resource in the rum community.

How to Start Using RumX Plus?
Just update your RumX app to version 19.2.2 and go to “Support RumX” in your profile. There you can see all the benefits and start your Plus membership.


  • How to join RumX Plus? Signing up is very easy. Download the latest version of the app from the App Store, click on the “Profile” tab in the app (bottom right corner) and click on “Support RumX”. Here you will be guided through the process.
  • How can I cancel my subscription? If you are an iOS user, go to your device’s settings, tap on your Apple ID and look for the “Subscription” section. Here you can manage or cancel your RumX Plus subscription. Android users can find the “Subscriptions” option in the Google Play Store menu and manage or cancel their RumX Plus from there.
  • Which features become Plus? The core features of RumX, such as reviews, community interactions, personal tasting diaries and collection management, will always remain free. The Plus features are additional, more advanced features that provide additional value to users who expect more from the app. They have been carefully selected based on user feedback and our vision to provide an enhanced experience.
  • Where will my Plus badge be featured? As a RumX Plus member, your profile will be highlighted in gold both in the app and on the RumX forum. This badge is a symbol of your support and involvement in the community.
  • Can I use RumX Plus on multiple devices? Your RumX Plus subscription is linked to your RumX account. This means that you can use the Plus features on any device as long as you are logged into your account.
  • Will there be more Plus features in the future? We are constantly working on adding new and exciting features to the Plus version. These are based on valuable feedback from you and our commitment to improving your experience with RumX. Stay tuned for updates on these developments.

Remember, your involvement in RumX Plus helps us grow and improve, and your feedback is always valuable in shaping the future of the app. Thanks for your support! :tumbler_glass::heart:


I’m in :slight_smile:

I know all about the server costs of things like this.

I still think it could be a good idea to add an additional option to contribute with a bit more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For me this APP has been a huge help to keep track of my many tastings and my collection of rums and samples and that’s worth a lot to me.



thats a good idea and a good way to support our favorite app. Only thing you can debate about is the pricing. Sure you need a critical mass and amount to have a impact but you can get it by less people paying more or more people paying less.

My first impression is: slightly to high for the benefits you get.

Maybe a little bit blunt by i am a direct person and just my first impression as said!



The greatest benefit actually lies in future Pro functions. I just made sure not to make any major cuts in this first roll out so that the familiar RumX experience can still be enjoyed to the full without Pro. RumX Pro is a way to actively support further development and make your contribution to its preservation. :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:


oh, wow, where can I subscribe for pro?? :blush: The iOS version is not yet available?


When is it ready for Android?



Still waiting for Google’s approval


Nice concept - I’m in :v:


Coole Sache !! :+1: Endlich kann man was zurückgeben :slightly_smiling_face:
Update ist da bei Android


Finde ich geil - pro Rum, pro Member, pro App !
Außerdem schaut der Pro-Button cool aus


Wo ist dieser Pro Button? :star_struck:


Nur bei Oli im Moment :joy:


Pro-Badge wird im Forum aktuell täglich um 23:59 Uhr aktualisiert. Ab dem nächsten Update dann aber auch direkt. :blush::ok_hand:t3:


Ich hab’s schon gefunden in Android :+1:


…und es gibt ein goldenes :sparkles: Profil :sparkles: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In der Freundesliste in der App sind die Pro-Buttons sogar schon sichtbar.


Gibt es schon die migration bzgl. Appleid login (in der app)und dem benutzer login über email hier?


1:0 für Android


While the idea was to voluntarily support the app, the new pro feature seems like a valid implementation idea to me. I do very much consider it for the sake of support and great time I received from the app, getting additional RX points is cool as well. But making the average price value pro-only, which is normally displayed for every bottle, that’s not cool. How about making the price development pro-only and leave the average value viewable by everyone?


Also ich bin auch beim Pro mal für ein Jahr dabei, support your app.