Is rum sensitive to negative temperatures?

Hey everybody,

I heard that rums with a lot of congeners (Caronis, Old Demeraras) can be affected by negative temperatures for storage. The risk is the rum looses its clarity and that some of material (non alcoholic) tends to make a deposit on the bottom of the bottle.

Has someone experience ?

I know for shure that for normal alcohol (Ron, vodka, etc.) there is no problem at all.

Thanks in advance !


I had a experience with this once. When my TCRL Fiji 2014 arrived it had White/lightly colored particles floating around. These were esters becoming solid because of low temperature and dilution.

They dissolved later and it had no effect at all. As far as I know it is not only the level of congeners, but the dilution and the processing/filtration as well.

In undiluted rums, this is not suppose to happen, as far as know - but I have no expertise


Die Lösungsfähigkeit von Alkohol für Geschmacksträger wie Ester und Fuselöle nimmt mit sinkender Temperatur ab. Das bedeutet, der Prozess der Ausfällung (Trübung) ist mit steigender Temperatur wieder umkehrbar. Eine Ausnahme besteht dann, wenn die ausgefällten Stoffe miteinander reagieren und das Reaktionsergebnis nicht oder weniger gut in Alkohol löslich ist.