June Tasting Lottery - Exciting Collaboration with Rum Artesanal! 🎉

Hello RumX Community,

We have some thrilling news to share with you for this month’s Tasting Lottery. We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have partnered with one of Germany’s most renowned independent bottlers, Rum Artesanal!

With this collaboration, we are thrilled to reveal that a total of 30 sample sets will be up for grabs within our community. We want to express our immense gratitude to Rum Artesanal for generously providing such a high number of tasting sets.

Each set includes six different rums, each 2cl in volume. This selection features two new single casks and four surprises. We will gradually unveil the specifics of these rums here in the forum and on our social media channels.

As usual, the format remains the same: the more reviews you share with a new tasting photo in the RumX app during June, the higher your chances of winning. For every review with a tasting photo shared in the RumX app, you will receive a ticket into the draw. On July 1st, we will announce the lucky winners here in the forum.

Please note the participation conditions: You must be at least 18 years old and have a delivery address within the EU.

We hope you enjoy the tastings and wish good luck to all community members participating. Let’s make this Tasting Lottery a fantastic experience!

Oliver & Jakob


Funktioniert das Ticketsystem schon? Gerade eine Verkostung eingestellt, aber es wird kein Los angezeigt :man_shrugging:


Wird schon gezählt. Die Visualisierung kommt im nächsten Update. :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:


Wie geil ist das denn bitte?! DANKE FÜR DIE ORGA und die nächste Verlosung!


Das ist gut, habe gestern schon mal mit Sample Aufarbeitung begonnen, wäre schade gewesen wenn die verloren gingen :sleepy:


Richtig fett! Bisher noch nie von Artesanal enttäuscht gewesen. Herzlichen Dank für die Teilnahmemöglichkeit und allen viel Glück!


That’s super exciting. Would be amazing to have the chance to taste the new releases before they are available.


I just added more details to the announcement post. A big thank you to Rum Artesanal for providing us with 30 sample sets! :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:


Now i suppose the four surprises are the new Burke’s Element Series they just announced for German Rumfestival. Whatever that means in liquid :man_shrugging:t2:


I just received some great news. Rum Artesanal will host an exclusive online tasting for the winners, where we can enjoy the releases together and talk shop with Rum Artesanal. :desktop_computer::partying_face::tumbler_glass:


The last hours are running… :running_man:t3::rocket:

Share a few more reviews in the RumX app tonight and increase your chances of winning one of the coveted 30 sample sets! :four_leaf_clover::tumbler_glass:

Current ranking in the lottery pot (30.06.2023 16:56):

Username Raffle ticket count
Pavel Spacek 143
Johannes 125
Alex1981 84
zabo 78
Kevin Sorensen :denmark: 64
Martin Ekrt 63
Martin Švojgr 58
Mateusz 55
Jaroslaw Sekula 55
Jakob 42
Stefan Persson 36
Basti 34
cigares 33
Rhum Mirror :belgium: 32
Gunnar Böhme “Bauerngaumen” :nerd_face: 31
Tschusikowsky 29
Mike H. 28
Werner10 27
Serge 26
Jakub Stařičný 26
Vincent D 25
Master P 25
Adrian Wahl 24
Tobiasz Siemiński 24
Oliver 22
Michal S 20
Tim 19
xJHVx 18
TheRhumhoe 17
Mirco 16
Thunderbird 16
Timo Groeger 15
Rums (Patrick) 15
Alex Kunath 14
BTHHo :tumbler_glass: 13
Agricoler 13
Nivius 13
Rowald Sweet Empire 13
Sebastian.W 13
Djehey 12
Christian Rudt 12
Johnny Rumcask 12
Dom M 12
mto75 12
Frank 11
Jordan Signor 11
Piotr Ignasiak 11
Will Lifferth 11
Gregor 10
Buddudharma 10
SaibotZtar 10
Fuwi 10
Joachim Guger 10
Kamil Křenek 10
Henry Davies 9
Madi Dromamad 9
Alexander Rasch 9
Stefan H. 9
Fabrice Rouanet 8
Lawich Lowaine 8
Quent187 8
Michael Schillheim 8
JFehr 7
Jarek 7
Dris 7
Leo Tomczak 7
w00tAN 7
Righrum 7
Clément Boetto​:drooling_face::fr: 7
chu guevara 7
MarcT 6
F.L.O. 6
Morgan Garet 6
Wagnerlicious 6
Vinsdorf 6
Fleg Mon 5
Lukas Jäger 5
BjörnNi :tumbler_glass: 5
kudzey 5
Gaston NP 5
Godspeed 5
Sebx 5
Cedric_ 5
Christoph 5
Jonas 5

A total of 1,912 lots from 167 community members are in the lottery pot.


Yeah, our random number generator just picked the lucky winners! :tada::gift::tumbler_glass:

Congratulations to the 30 winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated in the June Tasting Lottery powered by Rum Artesanal and shared their tasting impressions with the community. The winners will be notified via email this evening to arrange the next steps. :partying_face::tumbler_glass:

Reveal winners 🥳
  • Quent187
  • Frank
  • Kevin Sorensen :denmark:
  • Andi
  • Beach-and-Rum :beach_umbrella::palm_tree:
  • Timo Groeger
  • Christian Rudt
  • Rowald Sweet Empire
  • Martin Švojgr
  • Sebastian.W
  • Master P
  • Lukas Jäger
  • Joachim Guger
  • Jakob
  • zabo
  • Mike H.
  • Mateusz
  • Tschusikowsky
  • Martin Ekrt
  • Johannes
  • Leo Tomczak
  • Pavel Spacek
  • machlo
  • Agricoler
  • Tobiasz Siemiński
  • Gunnar Böhme “Bauerngaumen” :nerd_face:
  • BTHHo :tumbler_glass:
  • Jakub Stařičný
  • Jaroslaw Sekula
  • Johnny Rumcask

A big thank you again to our partner Rum Artesanal who sponsored this great lottery!

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win this time, because we have great news to announce again. This weekend we will present the Tasting Lottery for July powered by Bellamy’s (Perola). Stay tuned for more. :smirk::tumbler_glass:


Wow, first time I won something.

With 7 entries :laughing:

Thanks for organizing!


Congrats to all winners :tada:


Herzlichen Glückwunsch :+1::+1:


Thank you I’m curious what kind of samples RA has sponsered




Congratulations :tumbler_glass:


Glückwunsch an alle Gewinner :partying_face:


Thank you And congrats to other winners :slightly_smiling_face: