Klac Advent Calendar 2022

Hello RumX Community,

:white_check_mark: Klac’s 2022 advent calendar contains 24x 2 cl rum mignonettes. This second edition will allow you to taste and discover 24 rums.

:desert_island: A selection of singular rums awaits you with white and old rums, coming from 15 different regions. You will find in this selection 6 white rums and 18 aged rums. Perfect while waiting for Christmas. Organic, vintage, blend, amazing finish, best seller or new brand, there will be as much for the amateurs as for the connoisseurs. The Klac rum calendar is a very limited edition. Only 170 items will be available for sale, no more. :hot_face:

:gem: The price of the calendar is € 139,90 and avaibaility now :package:

:white_check_mark: On each 2 cl mignonette of the calendar, you will find a label with the name and logo of the brand, the vintage and the alcohol content. A link will be offered to each product sheet on the site to access more information about the rum in question :grey_question:

:tumbler_glass: The different brands and distilleries, as well as some references present in the calendar will be disclosed as we go along. We start with 3 brands, namely: Longueteau, RumNation and Depaz.

:heart_eyes: We offer a promotional code of -10% to the RumX community with the code :

:white_check_mark: The calendar is available at this URL:

Have a great weekend everyone.