Language on the forum? I vote for english :-)

Hello guys, I am quite new here, I ama happy user of Rum-X app and I met for a while @Oliver in person. I like the community nad possibility of split bottles. I love it.

I have one idea. As I understand the idea of this forum is to have it international, but often, may be very often :smiley: guys here switch to german :slight_smile:

Is not good idea to stay in english? Or this community is just german rum community?

Thank you for your feedback.


I also prefer to communicate in English, but sometimes it is easier / better to express things in your own language to avoid misunderstandings.

Therefore I have implemented a translation feature here in the forum. You can set your preferred language (e.g. English) in the user preferences (menu item Interface):

Then a globe will appear under each post in the footer section, which translates the post into your specified target language when clicked. :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:


Oh! I did not know! Great feature, thank you. It solve all of my issues very fast. Sorry for stupid question :-/


I also wasn’t aware of this feature for long and German language kept me away from rumX like for a year or something. Maybe it’d be good to make this feature more obvious (but I have no idea how)


That was not a stupid question, but valuable feedback. I’ll check directly how I can make the translation feature more prominent :relaxed::raised_hands:t3:.


As a small optimization I have just changed the icon. So it should generate more “curiosity” to click.


D is there any option to automatically translate the names of the topics in the main screen?

I think the easiest way here would be to use the translate function of the browser. Chrome, for example, has a very good and reliable tool (Translate icon in the top right corner of the search bar).

@Oliver It seems that translate function does not work well :frowning:

There is currently a bug in the translation plugin that prevents posts containing links from being translated. I’m waiting for the plugin developers to fix this.

Posts without links should work fine though, right?


I use to see the same issue when there is a picture added, if it can help…

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