LET'S GET STARTED: What’s a bottle split?

Bottle splits are the most economical way to taste a wide range of different spirits.

What’s a bottle split?

We have summarized the most important facts about bottle splits in our blog article. There you will find out why bottle splits are so popular in the community and how you can participate:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Conditions of participation

In the RumX marketplace, private purchases and sales of bottles and samples can be organized.

In this area bottles and samples can be offered for private sale.

The following rules apply to buying, selling, exchanging and other actions throughout the marketplace:

  • All participants are at least 18 years of age.

  • Buying and selling in this forum is considered a private transaction between buyer and seller and is done exclusively on a basis of trust. Any guarantee or warranty is therefore excluded. Also, the operators of the site only provide the communication platform, but assume no liability for any purchases and sales.

  • It is forbidden to offer recently released bottles at a significantly higher price. This is not a platform for arbitrage transactions.

  • Any sales will be at cost or time value price, without any intention of profit.

  • A price quote on sales is mandatory. Subsequent negotiations are allowed as long as there is no clear indication of a fixed price.

  • Only bottlings that are available at the time may be mentioned by name in your offers. You are therefore obliged to mark the thread “closed” immediately after the sale. Otherwise, it makes it difficult to find a specific bottling using the search function. Open threads with already sold bottles or samples are especially forbidden, because otherwise they can be falsely displayed in the RumX-App.

  • Advertising your own sales items in other people’s threads (“cross-promo”) is prohibited. However, a link in your own signature to your own sales topics is allowed.

  • The “pushing up” of the own theme must not be exaggerated. For the time being, we do not want to make any rules regarding certain distances, so this is to be handled at your own discretion for the time being. We expressly reserve the right to make adjustments in this regard at a later date.

  • If a topic has not been maintained for a period of 3 months, it may be moved to a non-visible area by the responsible moderators and deleted after some further time. In this case we have to assume that the topic in question is no longer up to date.

  • We ask that completed topics be marked as “Completed” and that the respective status be displayed in the title of the topic. (Searching, Selling, PNs out, in shipping, completed…)

  • Dealer offers are forbidden.

  • Auctions are forbidden.

  • Change of ownership of any item without compensation in value (Secret Santa or similar) are subject to the same rules.

  • We do not keep a list of conspicuous users, because this procedure does not offer any protection on the Internet nowadays.

  • We reserve the right to proceed with sensitivity at our own discretion in the event of violations of the rules.

  • We reserve the right to delete transactions that appear dubious and not rum-relevant without consultation.

  • We reserve the right to delete users who attract negative attention in the marketplace without consultation.