Log in Sync apple id and community

Hi @Oliver

Bei der app nutze ich apple id log in…hier im forum log ich mich mit meiner email ein…mit dem forum log in kann ich mich nicht in den ‚app account‘ einloggen…kann ich das irgendwie syncen?
Habe durch den app log in auch eine verschlüsselte email im app konto…würde das gerne alles identisch machen


Hello Igor,

thank you for your feedback.

Exactly, as you have already mentioned, there are two separate user accounts in the app and in the forum. If you use the same email address in both systems, the account will be automatically linked and displayed in the app user account, for example.

Unfortunately, there are two limitations right now (still):

  • In the forum there is no login via Apple
  • In the app you can’t change your email or login method.

But I have both points on my todo list and will implement them in the future. Until then, I ask you for a little patience. :smiling_face::tumbler_glass:


Thanks for you reply :slight_smile: