Looking for Volunteer DE/EU Split/Sample Hub to redirect to Canada

It’s no secret that I’m out here in Canada and often poking around looking for fellow Canadians and also those willing to ship to Canada when splitting bottles.

Recently I’m thinking more and more that the best way to make this feasible is to see if there is one person in Germany or the EU that would be willing to act as my hub for holding splits. Then once there is enough amassed to make a shipment worthwhile they can send the samples to Canada. This would allow me to be more active and prompt on splits.

If anyone is potentially interested or willing to take this this just let me know via reply or private message.

Many thanks!


I can help out. Already shipped some Samples to Canada in 2021.


Thank you Leo! I may just take you up on that in the future.

I also received some private messages with offers to do the same.

Just as I posted earlier today in another thread, it’s incredible how helpful people are in this forum.


If you want, i can give you a flaterate in my splits. I will always reserve you 5cl ( don’t know what it is in ounce) and you can say yes or no.
So i can send it to your hub, if some samples stored by me.
Also i can send you a list with my open bottles. Just send me a PM if you are interested