Looking into investing rum casks as a passion project

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I have gotten into rum over the last 2 years and I am learning more by the day. I’ve been looking into investing in rum as a passion project. Googling throws up the usual stuff like E&A Scheer and some other names. Wondering if anyone has done this and would have any valuable advice to offer.

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Hi Shridhar,

I’m not sure if I’m getting you right. Could you be a bit more precise on what you mean by “passion project”?


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Passion project as I meant it was to find some interesting rum cask(s) to invest in, preferably unaged rum that is designed to be aged and to see its evolution over the years. I am sure people here have done this or are doing it. I am trying to find my bearings and understand where to start.

Hope I am making sense here @Portman!


Thanks for your clarification.

However, the vast majority of us do not invest in rum in the sense of a financial investment - and certainly not by the barrel. The forum is primarily used to exchange experiences and the focus is on enjoyment. Barrel-by-barrel investments in high-quality rum with the aim of generating profits would probably cause prices to rise, which is not in the interests of this community.

You are therefore unlikely to find many useful tips here. My tip: Enjoying and sharing is the best investment in rum :slightly_smiling_face:


Appreciate the reply @Portman , cheers!


Distilleries like J. Gow and Rummieclub offer the opportunity to buy your own barrel. The barrel remains at the distillery and you get samples along the way so you can decide when it is time to bottle your rum.

There is also a Dutch collective that buys barrels (mainly whisky but occasionally rum) and where you can subscribe by the bottle. Samples will be send out as well and when the majority of the ‘shareholders’ decide to bottle, they will bottle. The advantage here is that you will not get 200+ bottles of just 1 rum :slight_smile:
Forgot the name, but I will try to look it up.
Edit: the name is Perfect Dram. At this moment they only have whisky available.

Both are bad investments but lots of fun.


I think it’s nonsense unless you want to sell your “own” brand of rum to shops. But in advance to that you need a lot more knowledge and networking to be done.


For a private investor I suggest grabbing bottles because a barrel is more difficult to store, take care of and move across borders.