Monymusk 1997 Begnoni

Good morning Community…
I’m looking for one bottle of Monymusk 1997 EMB Begnoni…anyone has heads up on where to find it at humanly acceptable price?

I’ve seen on on WhiskyTempel, but it way overpriced for me…

Thanks :blush:

I got this sample from a friend yesterday and thought of this topic today. Look forward to trying it!


It should be really good! Unfortunately prices for the whole bottle have skyrocketed! :dizzy_face:

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True story, as is the story with other bottles as well.
Also had the pleasure of tasting this :arrow_down: yesterday. Best Caroni I’ve had so far hands down (off topic, sorry not sorry) :heart_eyes::joy:


Eheheh nice catch! Caroni rums are truly a delight!

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:flushed: oh really nice!! :yum:

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