Must pay to see what i saw free for the last 3 years?

Dear all
I am surprised to see that from now on I have to pay to see the estimated prices of the bottles in my collection. I am a member for more than 3 years and never had to pay but also put effort in building the database including foto’s…
If there is no way back in the dicision to let members pay than i must think over the fact if my membership is wanted.
With regards
Arthur Bracht


Hey Arthur, dont want to neglect your feelings about this cause i can well understand, how it effects you, if something that was previously free suddenly costs something - but im also well aware, that oliver has to draw a line somewhere that pro users get actual benefits.
I think for most pro users its anyway more like they are happy to contribute something to the existence to this app, what is also my reason to get pro soon, while im kind of almost deterred by that flashy goldlogo which would appear in my name haha.
So out of my point of view some people here put a lot of work, effort and also passion into this app and the existence of this network and im more glad to have an opportunity to support this - since it is not only time but also those servers hosting this app want to be payed - while im also glad this is still a service for rumnerds and not for rumindustry - while this sector might be also way to small to be of interest for them haha.


There was already a a discussion ongoing.
In case you want to read some arguments from different perspectives or contribute.


Dear @arthurbracht,

Thank you for your message and for being a part of the RumX community for over three years. I understand your surprise about the new payment model for certain features like bottle price estimates. Let me provide a brief overview of the rationale behind this change.

RumX has evolved significantly over the past five years from a weekend project to a full-time commitment. This growth, driven by a passion for rum and our community, has resulted in substantial operational costs, including server and live translation services. To sustain this, RumX Pro was introduced, keeping 99% of the app’s core functionalities free while offering additional tools like personalized lists and data export in the Pro version. The decision wasn’t made lightly but was necessary to address financial realities and ensure the app’s long-term viability.

Most app functions remain free, and RumX Pro offers a way for users to contribute either through ongoing support or one-time contributions. The subscription model is crucial due to the high recurring monthly costs, which sporadic donations from a few users cannot sustainably cover.

The introduction of RumX Pro wasn’t about making a profit but about creating a sustainable solution for the platform’s upkeep. The reality is that I have invested significant personal time and savings into developing RumX. The subscription model is essential for covering these increasing monthly costs.

The market value calculation feature, now part of RumX Pro, demands extensive effort, including manually linking auction results with the database. You can still research prices manually, but RumX Pro offers convenience and time-saving for this aspect.

I’ve ensured that there’s no general paywall for the entire app, as it’s important to me that the community can still use most of the app for free. However, the support of our users is critical in maintaining and developing RumX further.

For a detailed understanding and more perspectives on this topic, I encourage you to visit the official announcement thread where all points are currently being discussed:

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Have a nice evening,
Oliver (Founder RumX)