New Rhum auction house - Any Experiences?

Hi folks. Freshly registered and directly a question.

I’ve stumbled across this new rum auction site:

It appears to be a spin-off of a whisky auction house with a good reputation.

As I’m thinking about registering there and bidding, I’d like to know If some of you have experiences with the auction house itself and may share them with me.


Seems pretty empty to me and the mobile layout is aweful. Site registered on 30.11.2022 so it’s not new and wasnt successful for a year now. Wouldnt register there.


Thanks for your feedback. Besides the registration date, as far as I know, it’s the first auction that runs. Maybe they had to work on the (and there you’re absolutely right) poor technical setup since then. And yes, the bottles in offer could be more. But with low auction levels like this it seems attractive with these parameters. Still have to think about it…


Hi everyone,

I wanted to share some insights regarding, as I’m quite familiar with the operators behind the platform. I can assure you that it is a reputable auction site. It’s a spin-off of, which, as many of you might know, enjoys an excellent reputation in the spirits auction scene.

I agree with the concerns regarding the user interface, particularly on mobile devices. It’s true that the current UI is not the most user-friendly and appears to be a direct adaptation from the WhiskyAuction platform. This can be a bit off-putting, especially for those who prioritize ease of use and a seamless browsing experience.

However, I have some good news on that front. I’m aware that the team is actively working on a major redesign of the site. This overhaul is expected to address many of the current usability issues and should significantly improve the user experience.

So, while there are some valid criticisms of the platform in its current state, I believe it’s a work in progress with a promising future, backed by a team with a proven track record in the auction domain. If you’re considering participating in the auctions, it might be worth keeping an eye on these developments. :sunglasses::tumbler_glass:


Hi Oliver,

thank you very much for your insights.
That sounds really promising for now and the future.

Best regards.


Maybe you could test it with a cheaper bottle first.


I have used the mother site multiple times over the last years, as seller as well as buyer. It is one of the oldest sites for auctions and Krüger is a well established team with a very positive reputation. Since they simply extended the existing operation now to Rum, Cognac & Armagnac I would not worry too much.

And yes, their interface is aweful and has been that way for multiple years :see_no_evil: never change a running system I guess!


Hi @FourCaro,
No experience myself, but I would take Oli’s word for it without a doubt. Use it for bidding at first and maybe wait a bit to see how it evolves before selling bottles.
That being said, welcome to the community!


Hi @Tom, @venomino and @anon65722056 :

thank you very much for your feedback.
I will register and give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the update @Oliver :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


And just to give more context for the UI. There was indeed a complete new UI built, that however had problems. Rather than pulling out the old rumauctioneer stunt of no that auction never happened, it was decided to have the planned first auction as it was scheduled using the old whisky auction UI. Which is severly overaged but stable as hell. Being the first major whisky auction house I would not worry for it’s legitimatecy. And I think it is simply a question of starting. We shall see how things shake up in the future…


Reminder: The first rum auction ends tonight :rocket:


While putting a bid, you are informed about the price you pay including the fees. Full respect for the clarity. But the design is oddly ancient :upside_down_face:


da gab es gestern doch tatsächlich den 17 jährigen Velier Caroni für 325€ plus Gebühren.
Also so gut wie zum Ausgabepreis vor ein paar Jahren.

Aber durch die Werbung hier im Forum sind wohl doch einige eingeloggt gewesen und haben die Preise noch in die Höhe getrieben. Aber mal sehen wo die Reise da noch hin geht.
Und eine Auktionsseite für Armagnac und Cognac gibt es auch noch