Page load hangs on loading screen


Since the latest forum upgrade every day the first time I access the forums (via a bookmark) it displays the loading screen then hangs there indefinitely. A reload will load the page normally. Not sure if there’s anything to do/can be done, just mentioning.

Chrome 107, w10.


Try to clear the cache in the browser :blush:

@KennyOMG, did that solve the problem?

Did not actually. Also load time for the first time takes forever but this is not specific to rum-x; also happens on other sites recently that use the same forum engine. “Upgrades” I guess…

@Oliver is the forum using local or server-side caching?

It’s not a big issue to hit F5 once a day. :slight_smile:

It’s a combination of both.

I’ll keep an eye on the updates. I’m sure a solution will be provided there soon. :slight_smile:


So there’s some request that takes 19-22 seconds to serve (it grabs a bunch of scripts and stylesheets) then for initial loads or if I disable cache will not clear the loading overlay. There’s also no no content inserted on the page either at that point, it’s practically a blank document. Hitting F5 will download/render the normal page in less than 2 seconds total.

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Doesn’t seem to be happening anymore, at least it didn’t in the past 1.5 days.

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Then my optimization helped. Great. :blush::tumbler_glass:
Thanks for your feedback. :raised_hands:t3: