Parcel forwarding DE -> NL

Can anyone recommend a good parcel forwarding service from DE → NL? I would like to order a bottle from a German website but they do not offer shipping to NL.

Most forwarding services exclude alcohol from their portfolio. So far I found one company able to do it, but they would charge me 55 euros. Which I think is a lot for slapping a new address label onto the parcel.

Alternatively, would any of the German RumX members be willing to help me out and forward the parcel? This would be an exceptional case for me. I do not plan to make this a habit :slight_smile:


I could help you out easily. Im located in Bonn, so NL isnt too far away anyways :wink:


I would offe the same, but leo is a reliable and great guy :slight_smile:


Thanks Leo, much appreciated! Perhaps you can give the parcel a good old Bonner SC kick (gently of course: glass inside) so it will end up at my front door in record time, since Bonn is not too far away.
Let me PM you for the details!


great :smile: but you are surely aware that they have come a long way from 2. Bundesliga to Oberliga now, so their kick might not see Nijmegen :wink:

Edit: and I can only concur, Leo is a great guy and 100% reliable


As long as it lands somewhere in NL it is okay. We are a small country so it is never too far away from my house :wink:

Thanks for all the support guys! Leo is helping me out great! :slight_smile: