Port Mourant 1975 Rendsburger

Hello everyone,

I recently looked at Rumauctioneer and saw that the 35cl bottle of Port Mourant 1975-2007, 32 years, 56,9% Rendsburger, was sold for £2200. I was chocked to see how much it sold for since I have couple of bottles of this particular bottling myself. And I can’t open them now!

I should probably just send them to Rumauctioneer but I thought I would write here first to see if there’s an interest for this bottle.

Now, I don’t expect offers as high as it sold for at the auction since there are seller’s fees etc. But if you are interested in making me an offer please send me a message. They are all kept with parafilm round the cork. I have also done some deals with member here at RumX before so I hope I am trustworthy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have attached some pictures of one of the bottles. I can of course send more if needed.

All the best,
Stefan in Sweden


1 bottle is sold now. But I still have a few more 35cl bottles left if anyone else wants to buy outside of the auctions. :hugs:

Another bottle sold. I only have 3 left now for sale if interested :grinning:

All the best,