Preorder Modern Caribbean Rum, Polynesiacs and Minimalist Tiki

Good news everybody! We are getting a new shipment from Wonkpress in November and preorders are open. :partying_face: :partying_face:

I have gotten a lot of requests in the last few weeks and months about Modern Caribbean Rum, so that @Oliver and I decided to order another pallet with books from Matt.

Besides MCR and Minimalist Tiki, we will also get the new Polynesiacs (by Tiki Tom-Tom aka Tom Jaynes), which documents the Tiki nerd bars and homes of the US. Available for the first time in EU :slight_smile:

You can use the following links to jump directly in the RumX app marketplace:

The books will arrive in November and we are very confident to shipp everything out before end of November. Just in time for Christmas :slight_smile:


The new book is available in the latest app update. :partying_face::closed_book:


On Matt’s site you can find some more exciting background information and illustrations about the book:


That’s great news because unfortunately I have missed the first shipment of the MCR and it seems to be mandatory to have in your background for any Rum related photo you take :smiley: :innocent:


I can’t help but agree! :rofl:


Oops – he did it again!
Matt Pietrek @cocktailwonk just announced, that he managed to accomplish another book on Rum:
Exploring 300 Years of Royal Navy Rum and Its Techniques
in collaboration with Alexandre Gabriel from Planteray and the release of their Navy Rum „Mister Fogg“.
I’m looking forward to read this – admittedly very special interest – tome as well und would love to purchase it from again. Do you agree @Junsas ?


it is already looked into


So, I talked to Matt yesterday: The book will not be published under WonkPress but Planteray is fully in charge of the release. He was hired to do the research, but he is not the pusblisher like with e.g. MCR. At the moment it is not yet decided how it will be released exactly. To be defined by Planteray/Ferrand.