Product pictures for new rums

Recently I wonder why many of the new rums in the database got no picture assigned.
@Oliver are these rum created in the database without picture or is there any copyright issue for the pictures?
Latest example was the three new Whisky Jury rums RX19574, RX19577 and RX19575


Hey Jost,

the absence of pictures for the new rums in our database is primarily due to our commitment to legal compliance regarding image rights. We only display product images when we have explicit permission from the rights holders. Our images typically come from partners such as RumAuctioneer and RumTrades, along with contributions from store partners, producers, and independent bottlers.

This thorough approach ensures all visuals are legally cleared, which might delay the appearance of photos. It can take a few days or even weeks for images to be added for newly listed rums. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. :smiling_face:


If the community take pictures and upload them, can they be used? Cause I would do that, if it is easier


Hey, @Steffmaus, thank you for your willingness to contribute photos to our community! When users upload their pictures, these are displayed as “community pictures” under the main product photo. This helps other users to verify they are looking at the correct rum.

However, using community-uploaded photos as the main image on our database presents a couple of challenges. Firstly, we must verify that the uploaded photos are original and do not infringe on any copyright or image rights. Secondly, to maintain the uniform and professional appearance of our database, photos need to be taken in a controlled environment, such as a photo box.


I understand the issue with copyright, and I think it is quite impossible not to step on someone’s toes when searching for the right picture, as most pictures are shop related.