Reactions on tastings

Hi Oli,

By now and the way we’ve come…

I think it would be nice if you could be able to react with a text message to someone’s tasting in the app, especially people that you are friends with or who you are following.

Once again: let it be clear that I am no tech guy or know how much programming this would mean, or how much extra server space/costs it would contain. But for me, it would be an awesome way to create the crossover between the forum and the tastings in the app.

I know that you will read this, think about it and get back to me about it.

As always, I have a huge amount of love, gratitude and respect for all your efforts :heart_hands:




Think this discussed before, but not sure about the outcome of this…

I would prefer public comments instead of PMs on tasting to allow a very focussed discussion around specific rums and tastings.

Only risk would be that this ends up in criticizing other peoples taste and telling them they are wrong with their rating… would need a proper etiquette and enforcement of this. hmm :thinking:


I agree @venomino, this ia usually not a good idea and would also put more stress on the database. :tumbler_glass:


Fair points. And I indeed meant like public reactions, like commenting on a status on social media etc.

For direct messaging we can use the forum functions.

But never to criticize or bash on people ofc. We don’t need a replication of behavior patterns that are common in lots of online rum groups.