Recommendations for a gift

My grandfather’s 80th birthday is soon; he’s a wine and food enthusiast but doesn’t know much about rum (not that I’m a pro… yet!). Last year I gifted him a Rum Nation Guatemala XO, which he greatly enjoyed. This year I was thinking of getting him something even more special, with the help of my mother and my brother. I was thinking about a Caroni Navy from Velier (which I’ve never tried), would you recommend it? Anything else in the same price range which you think would be a better fit?


Caroni Navy is a great choise.
I can also recommand the following to you


The Caroni Navy is pretty special. A far cry from Guatemala. Some say Caroni is an acquired taste. You love it or hate it (like smoky whisky).

The aforementioned Guyanas are a safer bet, imho.


Although I love the retro design, the Caroni LMDW Navy Rum 100th Anniversary replica (RX180) has become really expensive now, likewise the Velier Very Old Navy rum (RX26). If you want to go for something with better price-to-value ratio, I‘d rather recommend the Velier Tiger Shark (RX183). It is an excellent Navy rum, complex, though well balanced. It is still available for around 150 EUR…


I would agree completely with @DevidedByZero : Caroni In comparison with the Rum Nation Guatemala XO is a huge step. I think even the guyanas could be a bit to much.

Don’t get me wrong I like them a lot especially the Albion 2004 but they are a lot less sweet then the Guatemala.

What did he like about it? Maybe he liked it cause it’s smooth?