Return button functionality

Hi Oliver,

whenever an integrated link to a shop is used, after finishing a purchase or even the screening through that particular site, using the return button doesn’t redirect to RX but it has to be clicked multiple times through all the called sites including all Paypal steps until one arrives finally on RX originating site. A bit ridiculous.



@Oliver ?

Hey Stefan,

thanks for your feedback.

Do you mean the behaviour when buying via the new RumX marketplace or when you are redirected out of the app via the old mechanism with “Search internet offers”?

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definitely when buying via the marketplace or when clicking in the links provided in “available rarities”

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think I never used the function “search internet”

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I am currently looking at the problem and have another question.

Do you experience this behavior when you buy directly via the app in the integrated marketplace or when you use the old “price comparison feature” (see screenshot)?

nie benutzt, immer, wenn redirect genutzt wiird, z.B. available rarity links zur Website des Händlers oder zu Beiträgen